About our Family Company

Why choose us?

  • We are an family owned and operated company based in Tampa Bay, Florida.
  • In business for sixteen (16) years and selling natural bath products for more than ten (10) years online.
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ rating.
  • We Pride ourselves on our customers service, we always make it right for our customers.
  • Sixty (60) day replacement warranty on our products.
  • Amazon five star rating for our customer service and 98% on-time ranking for our shipping department.
  • We are hugely into recycling. Our packing material and boxes are all reused or when worn out, recycled.


Why buy our Sea Sponge & Loofah?

  • We are the only company that measures our sea sponges dry and not wet.  Our sponges are consistently 10-20% larger than our competitors equivalent sized sponges.
  • The largest selection of sea sponges online.
  • Most varietes of loofah online, sourced from Egypt, Asia & Central American.
  • Industry unique products such as sea sponge back brushes, loofah cuts / slices and display sponges for decoration. 

The types of sea sponges we carry in stock

Bath & Cosmetic Use:

  • Prime Wool
  • Rock Island Wool
  • Yellow (both regular and Anclote yellow sponges)
  • Caribbean Grass (both Bahamian and Florida grass sponges)
  • Caribbean Silk (both soft Bahamian Hardheads & firmer Bahamian Dogheads)
  • Mediterranean Silk
  • South Pacific Silk
  • South Pacific Wool
  • South Pacific Elephant Ear
  • Mediterranean Wool (limited availability)
  • Mediterranean Elephant Ear (limited availability)

    Display Sponges

  • Mangrove Key Sponge
  • Finger Sponges
  • Vase Sponge
  • Sea Caps (Wire Vase Sponge)
  • Glove Sponge