Picking the Right Sea Sponge

Basket full of Wool Sea SpongesWelcome to the Natural Bath & Body Shop, a family company working with local Florida Divers to provide you with quality, sustainably harvested sea sponges.

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New to Sea Sponges?

We recommend starting your experience with the silky soft Rock Island Wool Sea Sponge, or prefer to dive right into trying all bath varieties, we have a Sea Sponge Sampler that provides all three at a discount.

Sponges for Bath, Shower and Cleaning Softness/
Rock Island Sea Wool Sponge
Rock Island Wool

Our #1 selling and softest bath & shower sea sponge, the only sponge for Babies. This is the only sponge to be used on automobiles as it is the softest and will not harm their finish.

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Yellow Sponge

Yellow sea sponge is a great, budget friedly, sea sponge for bath, they have a light roughness which is perfect for light exfoliation. Also a good choice for household cleaning. This is the sea sponge that Sponge Bob is modeled after.

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Caribbean Grass Sponge
Caribbean Grass

Men often prefer the slightly rougher Caribbean Grass sea sponge. It is a great shower sponge for use after working outside, when you need to get that little bit of extra clean.

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Loofah Sponge

Loofah is not really a sponge, rather it is a ridged gourd that grows on a vine called Luffa. Its rough texture is perfect for skin exfoliation. Used for bath & body and household cleaning. A great way to prevent acne, remove dead skin from sun-burn or dryness.

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Cosmetic Sponges for Facial Cleansing & Applying Make-Up
Caribbean Silk Sponge
Caribbean Silk

Caribbean Silk sea sponges are great for Cosmetics. Can be used for facial cleansing and for applying creams & make-up. Also famously used as sea pearls™ / sea clouds™.

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South Pacific Silk

South Pacific Silk is budget cosmetic sponge used for facial cleansing and applying make-up. Can be economically purchased in bulk quantities and is commonly used by Day-Spa's as natural applicator for their best customers.

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Mediterranean Silk Sponge
Mediterranean Silk

The Mediterranean silk sponge is the queen of the sea. Very dense, soft to-the-touch and perfect for applying pancake makeup, creams and more. The now discontinued Maxfactor™ make-up sponges were Mediterranean Silk Sponges. These silk sponges are also commonly used as sea pearls and for prolapse.

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Other sea sponges we carry including decorative and specialty sea sponges

Prime Sea Wool Sponge
Prime Sea Wool
Glove Sponge
Vase Sponge
Wire Grass Vase Sponge aka Sea Cap
Wire Grass Vase
Elephant Ear Sponges
Elephant Ear
Finger Sponge