Hands & Feet

Olive Oil has been a source of health for centuries. Seeing the long history and excellent benefits to the skin, we chose olive oil as the main ingredient in our products. 

Avoid dry, flaky hands with our unique selection of hand creams. Aphrodite hand creams protect, soothe and moisturize dehydrated hands with powerful herbal ingredients that will leave the skin supple and replenished


FREE OF: sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, artificial colorings, silicones, GMO's, ethanolamine, propylene glycol, urea, alcohol, methylchlorothiazolinone/methylisothiazoline, BHA, BHT, synthetic dyes, mineral/paraffin oil

Packaged with recyclable material

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APH-Z-8A-150 Aphrodite Hand Creams - Extra Large 5.1 fl oz
  • $12.99
APH-Z-8A Aphrodite Hand Creams
  • $6.99
  • $9.99
APH-D-8 Aphrodite Donkey Milk Hand Cream
  • $9.99
APH-Z-38 Aphrodite Foot Cream with Aloe Vera
  • $7.99
APH-D-38 Aphrodite Donkey Milk Youth Elixir Foot Cream
  • $10.99
APH-Z-7 Aphrodite Liquid Hand Soap
  • $8.29
APH-Z-8BS Travel Size Hand Cream with Aloe Vera
  • $3.69
APH-Z-8CS Travel Size Hand Cream with Mango & Papaya
  • $3.69
APH-Z-8DS Travel Size Hand Cream with Argan & Pomegranate
  • $3.69
APH-Z-38SA Travel Size Foot Cream with Aloe vera
  • $3.99
APH-Z-38SL Aphrodite Travel Size Foot Cream with Lavender Scent
  • $3.99
APH-Z-43S Travel Size Body Butter with Almond & Honey
  • $3.99