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Score: 4.48 (votes: 25)
Score: 4.48 (votes: 25)
Rating of votes (25)
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  • Terry Valentine
    Feb 15, 2021, 16:03
    I ordered two of these recently for use in the shower (as opposed to house-cleaning although I have ordered these for this purpose also). I have small hands so I ordered the small size, which is not only comfortable for lathering up but also rinses and dries quickly and is ready for use again the next day. I still have the other for backup but I may not need to rotate them as I'd expected. More wieldy than a washcloth but less fake than a plastic pouf! These are not my first natural sponges from this company and they won't be my last.

    Btw the review recommending that sponges be eaten is weird and inappropriate. Sponges have no nutritional value for humans and are not edible, and anyone who tries may well end up in the hospital. Please take this review down!
  • Karen Stevens
    Jun 4, 2020, 04:06
    I ordered my premium Florida rock island wool sponge about 3 weeks ago because I wanted a new home decoration. however, as time passed I began to be enticed and compelled by one of the sponge's beautiful form. The holes and the shape it had was just so cool I couldn't get it off my mind. About a week later I decided to go for it. I was going to take a bite. Guys..... This was the most scrumptious sponge I have tasted in my 47 years of living on this beautiful earth. God made sponges for a reason... Consumption. I recommend this product accompanied by a mixture of sriracha, sesame oil, and some good ol' mayo. 5 parts mayo, 1 part sriracha, 1/2 part sesame oil. PLEASE TRY IT YOU WON"T REGRET IT. 9/10 for spongey texture! I must deduct one point from my rating due to the lack of density in the sponge. Otherwise no complaints! I will be buying again :)! Thank you naturalbathbody for your amazing products I feel blessed! God bless you all and God bless America.
  • Yin Lee
    Nov 26, 2019, 17:01
    The small size is perfect for my hand. The sponge is soft and holds lather very well. It also seems quite durable for a sea sponge. I have been using sea sponges in the shower for many years so have a lot of experience with them. I did not give it a five star rating only because my personal preference is something a little more rough to feel the exfoliation.
  • Alexandria
    Jun 25, 2019, 02:55
    Customer service was exceptional and the sponge arrived in a timely manner. It is very soft and holds a surprising amount of water. Was wrapped in mesh not plastic which I noticed and appreciated. Would recommend to anyone who wants a natural and luxurious spa experience!
  • Pamela
    Sep 19, 2018, 18:10
    I first bought a small size sponge which our daughter n law talked me out of so I ordered another larger one the following week because we missed ours. Love them, thank you
  • Nataliya
    Apr 18, 2018, 07:04
    The product itself is wonderful, great size and very soft. However, it is packaged in mesh plastic so if you are ordering it thinking you're making an eco-friendly choice, unfortunately, you're wrong.
    Natural Bath & Body Shop
    Apr 18, 2018, 11:49
    Hello Nataliya,

    My apologies for your disappointment regarding our packaging.

    We are a small family company and my wife Julie and I are continuously striving to make things better, especially for the environment.

    When we started, we used to put each sponge into zip lock bags and then ship them in postal mailer boxes. Since those early days we have switched to poly mailer pouches and the nets which are both recyclable and cause a lot less waste.

    The poly-jacket mailers are made from polyethylene and are recycle symbol '4' and the netting is a number '2'.

    A couple of reasons we need packaging is when someone orders several different types of sponges we need to identify them with our tags and the netting is used to hold that tag in place.

    Also, we have some of our customers purchase wholesale for their boutique stores and they need some way to hang the product and to include the UPC codes for the checkout process.

    We are open to suggestions, if you have an idea on a better way to package our sea sponges, let us know.

    Many of our customers are as green as we are (I am a re-use and recycle nut) and these mesh nets have 100 ways to reuse them.

    Here is a great link on how these nets can be used in a household setting:

  • J Murphy
    Feb 28, 2018, 14:07
    Love this sponge. It is definitely a natural product and so needed to be washed out well before first use, but it is a great, quality bath sponge. My husband has been sneaking use of it, so I'll buy him his own :P
  • Charlemagne
    Feb 28, 2018, 14:05
    This thing is monstrous! I have been wanting a huge size sea sponge for a while and am very happy with this one. A sponge this size can also be cut in half or be used for washing your boat or car, but I am going to leave it as is. The wool sponges are sturdier and exfoliate better than the softer yellow type. I did an initial washing with hot water and peroxide. There was no weird smell or debris from this sponge. These natural sponges last many years if they are taken care of and cleaned properly. Once they start getting discolored or start falling apart, they can be composted. These are also good for washing the dog. I use my older, smaller, cleaned sponges for that until they wear out.
  • A Uni
    Feb 28, 2018, 14:04
    It would be nice if it were lighter in color, as that what I'm used to seeing (larger pores etc). That being said, there's nothing wrong with it. Manufacturing has made us used to light, bright sponges and personal care products in general, though the process makes them less safe if they use bleach.. I bought two, neither we're the golden shade pictured. Muddy grey green, so it looked of the sea. Works wonderfully well despite this. Smells still of the ocean a bit. I kind of dig it
  • C Wilde
    Feb 28, 2018, 14:03
    Got the 6.5-7" and this thing is HUGE. Wish I'd gotten the smaller size, because there's no shelf or ledge in my tiny old bath/shower combo big enough to hold it. Also, it's not as "scrubby" as I'd hoped - it's a little soft. But if you like eggplant-sized soft sea sponges, this is your answer!
Items: 110 of 20, per page